Golden Mountain Montessori School

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Founded 1975, Golden Mountain Montessori School has grown to be a thriving community of children, parents, and staff.


We provide a highly personalized educational environment for children from 3 - 6 years old. The Montessori education curriculum that we follow is specially designed for educational achievement and to meet the developmental needs of the age range we serve.


We are located in a small boutique schoolhouse that utilizes an entire 2 -bedroom house, as it’s classroom, and backyard as the playground for 1 mixed age classroom of preschool and kindergarten children.


We are the oldest Colorado Springs area school recognized by the American Montessori Society and licensed with the State under the Colorado Shines (QRIS) Quality Rating Improvement System. Our program and teachers have completed the steps to achieve a high rating for quality, and we are dedicated to maintaining it.

Every child has their own cubby to store jackets, shoes, lunch boxes, and other personal items.
We have all the Montessori "Sensorial" materials in our front room. This is a progression through a set of wooden materials designed by Dr. Maria Montessori in order to train and refine children's senses.
We have a peace shelf and a reading area.
Grace and Courtesy presentations are an ongoing, collaborative aspect of our curriculum that invite the children and teachers to work together to forge a culture of responsibility, tolerance, and harmony.
Children follow their own progression in the reading and writing program.
The Practical Life Kitchen is where children refine their fine-motor skills, eat snack, wash their dishes, eat lunch and create works of art.
Our geography science, and cultural materials give children a head start in learning about our world.
The Back Room is our Math area. Children take great pleasure in their number work.
The Montessori math materials provide a sensorial experience of connecting the number symbols with quantity and hands-on visual tools for learning arithmetic, and number patterns.  

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