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The Montessori school that empowers working parents like you.

Supportive & Simple

As a busy, career-focused parent, you deserve an educational partner that supports your child's growth while empowering you to thrive in all aspects of life.


Our Montessori school is that trusted partner, providing the nurturing environment and transparent communication you need to find harmony between your professional aspirations and developing family.


Creative & Caring

“Jamie has always been celebrated at GMM. Teachers would go out of their way to tell me something he had done or said that day. It's such a small community, and Jamie feels comfortable with all the staff and students. Since he was little, he could tell us the names of his teachers and classmates. Although there have been fluctuations with the staff, I always knew Jamie would see familiar faces and be well cared for. I have worked in and my children have attended different daycare and preschool settings. I love how GMM goes above and beyond to see that each child is nurtured and supported.” Erin, Jamie’s mom


Loving & Organized

"With no siblings or extended family in the area, it was really important to us that James have a chance to be with peers and make friends. We have seen him blossom in some pretty significant ways this year! The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the staff are truly knowledgeable about the field of child development and early education. Also, I feel that the philosophy of encouraging the development of skills gives children so much self-confidence. I have already recommended it to a friend." Fern, James’ mom

Friendly & Clean

“He perks up after the weekend when Monday rolls around and we say it's time to go to school. He runs to his bench, eager to put on his shoes and head out. My child learns so many life skills, loves attending, and the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. What I value most about the environment is that it allows my child to develop numerous independent skills.” Olivia, Liam’s mom

Personal & Trusted

"The teachers at Golden Mountain make it an easy choice, knowing your child is in trusted and safe hands while being given every opportunity to learn and enhance her knowledge, independence, and communication skills. They allow the children the independence to learn from experience. The children are encouraged to complete tasks, participate, and help out in a multitude of ways in the classroom." Taylor, Oaklyn’s Dad


These glowing testimonials from our thriving parent community showcase the transformative power of our Montessori approach. We're honored to be a part of their journey, providing the nurturing environment and unwavering support that empowers both children and their families to flourish. 

Discover how our programs can help your family write your own success story.

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